My name is Michaella Benvenisti, I am an integrative counselor and a mindfulness teacher.


Within my practice, I create a safe place for learning and healing. I want to share the focus of the here and now. There we can find the keys to a healing within our personal struggles. Facing and accepting fear, anger or sadness – and all those emotions and sensations we often try to run away from, we find the ability to work with them, to go through them and discover the path of becoming all we can be, to live our full potential.

I was fortunate to have been able to study many disciplines and benefit from their diversity, all of them are the inspirational base of my work and practice. I have a B.A. in Political Science, Far East Studies, Philosophy and Social Work (B.S.W) and have a 3 years Integrative Psychotherapy training. My holistic view has brought me to explore body-mind work through my certified Shiatsu therapy studies, 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher training and Mindfulness Stress reduction teacher’s training (TTR1). And finally my passion for dance and movement has brought me to experience the magic of Butoh Dance. My life has granted me with 15 years of therapeutic experience working with clients and a wide range of social, physical and emotional distress.

I see life as a path of wonder which is made of the stepping stones of the words we read and hear that can give us inspiration, the challenges we meet, that make us recognize and acknowledge our power and every encounter that serves us as a teacher through which we are able to grow.