What I do

The intention of mindfulness based counselling is to create a space that supports and connects to the here and now. Through deep listening and attention to the now, the individual needs are seen and acknowledged. The body, the mind, the heart and the spirit are interconnected aspects of being. The practice of mindful awareness unfolds from within the potential of growing to all we can be.

The sessions

Life is a creative process, a continuous path from the unknown to manifestation, from darkness to light, from the first to the last breath. Each life is a unique journey and each body holds wisdom of a unique soul. To live up to our potential, we need to get acquainted with who we truly are and often this discovering takes time and practice to set aside who we have been taught to think we should be. 

In my sessions I create a space where together we take a look at what is happening in the now. The first step of each session would be to arrive in the presence of the given moment itself. Through subtle listening, to the breath, to the body, mind and heart, I guide through and work with all that comes up.

A space of learning and healing

Through creating a safe space I will support you to listen to the subtle currents of the body-mind and get connected to a deeper truths that is in you. Together we create a fuller understanding of what your personal needs are and how you can provide the base for your own wellbeing. 

Within the sessions we practice to acknowledge established thought patterns and we seek to get in touch with deeper parts of ourselves with no judgment. This kind of listening process supports us in our creative processes and connects us with our intuition, when we feel stuck and when we need support while going through difficulty and change. It is challenging but also healing to experience ourselves in a direct and fresh way, without the filters of old narratives, stories and thought patterns. Here you are given a new tool to get to know yourself, to identity the deep questions and be inspired in a more precise way of direction.